API that takes fullpage screenshots ob websites
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Just a tool to create a fullpage screenshot of a website using Selenium.

To try it locally, use docker-compose which starts a container containing Firefox and Chrome and install it using npm install --global.

$ npm install --global git+https://git.192k.pw/bake/browsershot
$ browsershot

  Usage: browsershot [options]


    --url [url]          URL
    --browser [browser]  Browser (default: firefox)
    --width [px]         Browser width (default: 1280)
    --out [path]         Screenshot path (default: screenshot.png)
    -h, --help           output usage information

It takes a screenshot of the current viewport, scrolls down and takes another one. This normally results in broken images, since absolute and fixed positioned elements will be visible multiple times. To work around that, a first request is sent to the original URL, obtaining the viewport- and the total height. After that, the browser changes to another page, passing the URL and the desired height, where only an iframe with the total height should be shown (see routes/frame.js for an example).

$ browsershot --url https://example.com/ --browser chrome
29.8.2018, 21:23:02 DEBUG take fullpage screenshot using chrome
29.8.2018, 21:23:02 DEBUG get heights of https://example.com/
29.8.2018, 21:23:05 DEBUG open iFrame URL https://iframe.example.com/?url=https://example.com/&height=342
29.8.2018, 21:23:07 DEBUG create screenshot 1
29.8.2018, 21:23:07 DEBUG stitch screenshot.png out of 1 images
29.8.2018, 21:23:07 DEBUG delete 1 temporary images
29.8.2018, 21:23:07 DEBUG compress screenshot.png
29.8.2018, 21:23:07 DEBUG stop webdriver