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  bake c29885cc08 Add KarmaTea Mate 2 months ago
  bake 4294f333e0 Meta: Fix nix-build 3 months ago
  bake deef76ce9d Add ID (slug) to the API response 4 months ago
  bake bab2af0783 Minify the output 4 months ago
  bake 810cc58bf7 Add a nix expression 4 months ago
  bake 0accba924e Add an API 4 months ago
  bake fb3d7d1d19 Add My Mate 5 months ago
  bake ac1e60b5d5 Add BILLA, close #5 5 months ago
  bake ebd0c709be Template: Use custom OG-partial to add images 7 months ago
  bake fc68f1887c Maki: Delete image of Maki Orange 7 months ago
  bake 3d5fe91bc6 Meta: Add metadata JSON 7 months ago
  bake dd0331aa92 Meta: Set Caffeine to float and Monkey IDs to arrs 7 months ago
  bake 7e5ea6d23b Index: Add a small explanation 7 months ago
  bake 69a593602b MAKAvA: Update caffeine source 7 months ago
  bake 75209d5bdf Theme: Add styling for blockquotes 7 months ago
  bake 019751327f Add websites and caffeine sources (close #3) 7 months ago
  bake 8b09f33a5d Don't load Google Fonts 7 months ago
  bake 7f498ecfa1 Flora: Add caffeine and MateMonkey ID 8 months ago
  bake dab2c5fb24 Theme: Add spacing between paragraphs 8 months ago
  bake bafa6595fb Rewrite the theme 8 months ago
  bake 3f24b0c101 add flora 35c3 1 year ago
  bake 499f020f9a colors 1 year ago
  bake 1cfe845a7e 35c3 theme 1 year ago
  bake 2650725dfc add aliases 1 year ago
  bake e57bdec1fa convert to toml 1 year ago
  bake 1241119d21 convert to hugo 1 year ago
  bake 97ec1bbb3e escape quotes 1 year ago
  bake 7ce9fb1dcd escape quotations 1 year ago
  bake 4df5f1f28f Added LaMate 1 year ago
  bake aa933b521b added a make directive to install stylus and a "last modified"-footer 1 year ago
  bake b40dd08c95 show a gallery of mates on the frontpage 1 year ago
  bake 066da3e56d execute bash in pages 1 year ago
  bake f757bfbccb added a simple css grid 1 year ago
  bake 0ff26c55fe fix quotes 1 year ago
  bake 468eebaf6a comile stylus with make #3 2 years ago
  bake e0cc1a7d9b More about Meta Mate 2 years ago
  sockke 8f3d2597ee 'pages/mate/charitea.html' ändern 2 years ago
  bake 3fda6bc9fb Typo Soulmate 2 years ago
  bake 91ab6519dd Added Soulmate 2 years ago
  bake ef90ff5945 We don't need no JavaScript 2 years ago
  bake 84375d7d1c New post-format 2 years ago
  bake 35f46b50da Fixed Makefile 2 years ago
  bake e79dc95da9 Updated README 2 years ago
  bake c76e133d57 Generate nav dynamically 2 years ago
  bake 9aa121d4f0 Makefile 2 years ago
  bake 237719a837 Added YOGI TEA 2 years ago
  bake 4a0ef4ee49 meta-foo under articles 2 years ago
  bake b402a8f84d Top Mate Cola 2 years ago
  bake e167a93bc0 MioMio Photo 2 years ago
  bake d266f623d9 MioMio Ginger 2 years ago